Get It Done – Break Procrastination Forever!


If there is one habit I would love to eliminate in my life forever, it’s procrastination. So many missed opportunities. Can you relate?

What makes procrastination so difficult to overcome is that our mind and body are hardwired to do what makes us feel most comfortable. If delaying the task or obligation is perceived by the mind to be more pleasant than the work, our bodies will lean toward what our mind tells our body is most pleasant.

However, our conscious minds can be a bit short-sided. It can fool us by blocking our long term desires with short time fixes for discomfort. Our true, God given desires are not given attention because the focus of our mind is escaping current discomfort.

Ergo that nagging, persistent sense of dread when we choose to relax instead getting the job done.

The remedy for this common malady is two fold: Changing how you define the avoided task and refocusing on the benefits of completing that task.

Redefine and Refocus

The truth is, we could be so much further along in achieving our goals and life purpose if we would consistently complete our tasks. Just imagine the feeling of success, power and connection with God and His purposes if we just got it done. And that’s the remedy! Imagining the pleasure gained by completing that task that’s before you. You could also imagine the nagging dread that would persistently hang over you if another day goes by with the task undone.

Both images are effective because you’re telling yourself the truth, that delaying will not give you the peace it promises. And what does telling yourself the truth do? It sets you free from the trap of believing lies that keep you from living the life of purpose you truly desire.

What your mind focuses on is the direction your body and emotions goes. If your mind is focused on the joy of completing a given task, you set in motion the biological juices and spiritual powers that lead your body in that direction. If you focus on the difficulties of the task, you set in motion the avoidant mechanisms of the body that says your present state of comfort is in danger and you should run quickly away from the threat.

Pleasure over perceived pain

The writer of Hebrews gave us a clue on how to overcome this devastating habit. In Hebrews 12:2, it states:

…looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith, who for the joy that was set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame, and has sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.
-Hebrews 12:2 NKJV

The Apostle Paul was on point when he encouraged believers to focus on positive thoughts. In Philippians 4:8, he states…

Finally, brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy—meditate on these things.
Philippians 4:8 NKJV

By taking control of your mind’s focus, you take control of the feelings generated by that focus. So by redefining what the task at hand means, you release the energy necessary to get the job done.

Unless we forget, the feeling of accomplishment is so cool. No momentary relief of distracting diversion can compete with it. Whatever is in the way of you completing a necessary task, get over it quickly. There is truly a magical feeling of accomplishment awaiting when you do it now. Refocus – and then do it now!

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Morning Quiet Time

How do you start your day?

Sunrise Man

I often challenge my Christian clients to incorporate “quiet time” study as the first activity they do daily, as it sets the tone and mindset for the rest of the day. Some groan that they are not “morning people” and prefer to read their bible in the evening. I get it, but this devotional I found this morning aptly describes the importance of early morning time with God. Please read and share your thoughts!

“Be ready in the morning, and come up… present thyself there to me in the top of the mount. And no man shall come up with thee.” (Exod. 34:2, 3.)
The morning watch is essential. You must not face the day until you have faced God, nor look into the face of others until you have looked into His.
You cannot expect to be victorious, if the day begins only in your own strength. Face the work of every day with the influence of a few thoughtful quiet moments with your heart and God. Do not meet other people, even those of your own home, until you have first met the great Guest and honored Companion of your – Jesus Christ.
Meet Him alone Meet Him regularly. Meet Him with His open Book of counsel before you; and face the regular and the irregular duties of each day with the influence of His personality definitely controlling your every act.

Begin the day with God!
He is thy Sun and Day!
His is the radiance of thy dawn;
To Him address thy lay.

Sing a new song at morn!
Join the glad woods and hills;
Join the fresh winds and seas and plains,
Join the bright flowers and rills.

Sing thy first song to God!
Not to thy fellow men;
Not to the creatures of His hand,
But to the glorious One.

Take thy first walk with God!
Let Him go forth with thee;
By stream, or sea, or mountain path,
Seek still His company.

Thy first transaction be
With God Himself above;
So shall thy business prosper well,
And all the day be love.

~Horatius Bonar.

The men who have done the most for God in this world have been early upon their knees.
Matthew Henry used to be in his study at four, and remain there till eight; then, after breakfast and family prayer, he used to be there again till noon; after dinner, he resumed his book or pen till four, and spent the rest of the day in visiting his friends.
Doddridge himself alludes to his “Family Expositor” as an example of the difference of rising between five and seven, which, in forty years, is nearly equivalent to ten years more of life.
Dr. Adam Clark’s “Commentary” was chiefly prepared very early in the morning.
Barnes’ popular and useful “Commentary” has been also the fruit of “early morning hours.”
Simeon’s “Sketches” were chiefly worked out between four and eight.

Streams in the Desert Devotional

Martin Luther King

If a man is called to be a street-sweeper, he should sweep streets even as Michelangelo painted, or Beethoven composed music, or Shakespeare composed poetry. He should sweep streets so well that all the hosts of heaven and earth will pause to say, ‘Here lived a great street-sweeper who did his job well.”
-Martin Luther King, Jr.

He who fears criticism is hopeless. Only those who do things are criticized. The idler is lost sight of in the march of events–but the doer is watched and criticized. To hesitate for fear of criticism loses the battle while the doers march on to victory and triumphs.
If your cause is right, be not afraid of criticism: Advocate it, expound it, and, if need be, fight for it. Critics always will be, but to the strong-minded they are a help rather than a hindrance. As the horse spurts forward when prodded with the spur, so the doers forge ahead under the lash of criticism. Take your part on life’s stage and play your part to the end. Stand for that which is good [that which is right]. Be a doer, not a drone. Look the world in the face and let the critics criticize.”

Thomas Jefferson
-Thomas Jefferson



Do I Have Questionable Faith?

Exercise authentic faith for real results

Double Mind shows lack of faith

Have you been guilty of  “fake” faith. I know I have. This faith is all talk. So much talk, that we convince ourselves we truly have faith. And when the desire of that faith does not materialize when we want it, we sink in depressive, grumpy thoughts that puts our faith in a bad light.

This type of faith is questionable.We demonstrate our faith (or lack thereof) through our behavior. If I say I have faith that God is going to provide a financial breakthrough, yet I’m wringing my hands during the day and struggle through sleepless nights with no peace, my faith is highly suspect.

My Behavior Reveals My Thoughts

We know we have faith by the object of our thoughts. If my mind is dwelling on impending disaster instead of hope, there is no peace because my non-judgmental mind is accepting that thought as a fact. So I feel and behave accordingly. It’s not what I say that’s a measure of my faith. It’s what I think that more accurately reveals my belief.

I cannot feel differently than what I think. Now I may put on an act to the outside world, but I cannot fool God or my emotions. We cannot violate how God wired us.

A man can only move in the direction of his meditations. Try as he may, he cannot consistently behave opposite of how he feels. Eventually a man will grow weary of the double-mindedness and his true beliefs will be revealed.

Test Your Faith

My challenge to you reader: Be honest with yourself about your beliefs. If that belief does not line up with God’s truth from His Word, test Him. Choose to believe he will deliver what is best for your situation. What HE determines is best. Then watch the anxiety melt away like ice on a summer day.

Steps to faith:
Resolve to evict negative, destructive beliefs from your brain.

Resolve to meditate solely on the outcome you desire from God. For without faith it is IMPOSSIBLE to please God or receive His peace.

Understand, He may or may not provide exactly what you desired, but He will provide what is the absolute best for you and your situation.

What He determines is best SHOULD be your ultimate desire.

Put this into practice and watch what our God will do for you. Mind blowing. He will not fail.

Scripture to consider:
Matt. 21:22
James 1:5-8
Phil. 4:8





Wisdom From A 2 Year Old

Learn wisdom from a 2 year old

Challenges come to make us, not break usShe will explore and take chances. She will eagerly try to do things she’s never done before. She may fail. She may get an “owee” trying. She may even cry. But one thing is certain. She will not wallow in regret, self-pity or self-doubt when she fails. Oh yes, she will cry for a brief moment. But there’s too much opportunity for success out there to stay sad for too long. So after about a minute of tears, she’s back to exploring and enjoying life again. And she will be successful. The pure, unbiased wisdom of a 2 year old.

Challenges come to make us, not break us

God says if we do not enter into the Kingdom as a little child, we won’t enter in (Matthew 18:3-4). We will have life challenges, just as Jesus warned us. Some challenges bigger in our eyes than others. But to GOD, any challenge His child faces can be overcome with His help. And with GOD, the challenges come to make us, not break us. Nothing is too hard for Him. Are we living our lives reflecting this truth?  Childlike faith guys.

Contact me if maintaining faith in Him is a struggle. My Bible based coaching will help you stay focused and overcome whatever obstacle the enemy throws in your path. Let me partner with you to assist you in operating at optimal levels and enjoy more of the life God has given you. We are all in this battle for successful living here and into eternity. Don’t fight this battle alone. Let’s do this!



Living on Purpose

Having a goal or purpose helps to stabilize the restlessness

Resistance is a Challenge

Resistance is a CHALLENGEIt is so easy to be drawn away from a purpose-filled life by empty pleasures that make us feel worse after indulging. Because they are so easy to partake in, resistance is a challenge, even with the knowledge of it being detrimental time waster or worse in the end.

Having a goal or purpose in mind helps us stabilize the restlessness we may feel if our days seem to have no meaning. The goal provides the object to direct our focus on and provides meaning and fulfillment that empty pleasures fail to provide.

The Power and Satisfaction

The restlessness many feel in their lives may be the response to powerlessness and hopelessness in living lives reactively as opposed to proactively. Without a focus and direction, we become subject to demands and plans of others. Therein lies the temptation to escape powerless feelings through empty pleasures.

Commit today to identifying and following a goal or goals for your life. Experience the power and satisfaction that only focused attention and action toward a stated goal can bring. Start today on living your life on purpose. Contact me if any assistance is needed. Lets DO this!